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What to expect on your first visit to out clinic

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a setting to elaborate on your presenting complaint/s. Your practitioner will perform a focused physical examination and present you with a diagnosis and likely cause of your complaint/s. The prognosis for your complaints will also be discussed along with a recommendation for a course of treatment. Up to a full hour is set for this consultation which allows for all of this and for the commencement of treatment.

Standard Consultation

If you are required to attend further consultations your practitioner will inform you at the initial consultation when a course of treatment is outlined. Continuation of treatment or attending to flare-ups is the purpose of a standard consultation. Up to 30 minutes is set for standard consultations.


You will not be required to disrobe during treatment as a rule. During the examination or discussion of your medical history it may be required to visualise previous surgical procedures or if your complaint requires observation of the skin over an injury to show any bruising or swelling. It is advisable to wear comfortable loose clothing when you come for your consultation.

What to bring with you

If you have any scans, X-ray, CT-scan, MRI, or if you have blood test results that are no older than 1 year old, please bring these with you to your initial consultation or to your next consultation if they have been taken during the course of your treatment. All of you health information is important to us and contribute to your practitioner providing you comprehensive holistic health care.

Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation $140.00

Initial Consultation  Concession $98.00

Includes initial diagnosis of condition and treatment plan
Includes first treatment

Ongoing Consultation Treatments

Standard Consultation $95.00

Standard Consultation Concession $80.00

Massage Equipment

We’ve found that the Biocomfort Massator Duo is better than a second pair of hands. The unique characteristics of the Massator has allowed us to achieve far more efficient muscle work while increasing patient comfort due to the anaesthetic like effect that the vibration has. We have also found that it has been able to increase circulation and proprioception, have amazing effects on areas of fibrosis, and revitalise lymphatic and interstitial flow!

We consider it the Rolls Royce of massagers; it has transformed our treatment programs with results that are startling. It produces little noise and has great versatility – it is able to be used on all body parts. Burwood Chiropractic Centre has used these machines for over 35 years.


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